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Nirgun Geeta -11-Oneness

There is only one way we can beat the world - by dissolving separation between "me" and the "world"

Nirgun Geeta -10 -Truth

Inability to describe truth, is its beauty, not our incapability. 

Nirgun Geeta - 9 - Power of words

Words has the power to point to wholeness, when they are neither conventionally said nor conventionally listened to. 

Nirgun Geeta - 8 - Pointer

Rather that looking at the pointer itself, unless we look at the direction where the pointer points to, its real purpose is not served.

Nirgun Geeta -8 -Fear

Basically there is no fear at all. It is just a fear of being fearful which constantly chase us.

Nirgun Geeta 7 conditioning

Conditioning can not sustain in presence. Because conditioning needs the soil of past and future to germinate and show up.

Nirgun Geeta -6 - Silence

The words which are spoken are never important, they seem to be important when they reveal the silence, which is always present in the background.  

Nirgun Geeta - 5

We are born with natural intention to be happy. Suffering crosses our way, when intentions become our altimate goal. 

Nirgun Geeta -4

In the dream state our single mind creates characters, stage, story, drama even the climax. The same is true for an universal mind in the waking state.

Nirgun Geeta - 3

It is beauty and love when it is in its totally naked form, it is ugly when it is fully clothed with conditioning.