What is Sat-Chit-Anand ? - Nirgun Geeta

Sat - means truth.

In day to day language, we use this word to indicate the truth of the thing for that instance of time, or for limited time.

But in spirituality the thing which is true in day to day life may not be true.

In spirituality -

The thing which is same devoid of time and place is truth. 

Therefore, by the definition of spirituality, everything with form is not truth. But the principle out of which these things with forms appears is changeless and it is truth. 

That principle which is truth is Nirgun - Nirakar, it is changeless because it doesn't have any property (gun) any shape (Akar) to change. The single principle, non dual principle out of which this word appears and at the end disappears in it is sat, is truth.

Chit - means consciousness.

Out of thousands of sound we can listen particular sound because of consciousness about that sound at that time. Out of thousands of objects we can see the particular object because of consciousness about that object at that time. In short we can sense a thing out of thousands of things at a particular time because of being conscious about that thing at that time. 

If we see our life journey, in the journey the object of consciousness keeps on changing but there is only one thing which is constant throughout, that is consciousness.

And since it is changeless devoid of time and place we can say that...

Sat (Truth) is Chit (Consciousness)

Ananda - means bliss, happiness.

If we observe, when we are happy, at that instance we are not aware of our ego, we lost ourself in the wholeness, in non duality. The incidences, the objects may vary which takes us to that trip of wholeness, being non ego, being impersonal, may vary. But the state is same. But the mistake we do is that we consider that incidence or the object as cause of our happiness, and we try to repeat that happiness by acquiring more objects, experiencing more incidences.

When we are in expanded state of wholeness, everything is one, it is non dual, it is non changing, it is truth, and it is consciousness. At that time we become conscious of consciousness itself.

Therefore -

Sat (Truth), chit (consciousness) and (ananda) happiness are one


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