What is Nirgun Nirakar? - Nirgun Geeta - 1

Meaning of Nirgun is propertyless, with no property, with no nature, neither white nor black, neither sweet nor bitter, neither happy nor sad..... 

And the meaning of Nirakar is shapeless, the one with no shape, neither circular nor square... neither triangular nor pentagonal....

The one who is responsible for us to exist, call it God, call it Energy, call it nature, ... call it consciousness ... whatever we call it, it is Nirgun, propertyless, it is Nirakar or shapeless.

It is not our incapability to sense its property or  shape. 
But it is its beauty that it is property less and shapeless.

The moment we try to assign some property or shape to it.
It defies its own nature of being one, being omnipresent, being infinite, being limitless, being eternal, being whole. 

To give an example, if we say it is white, it indicates the existence of its opposite, that is black. If we say it is good, it indicates the existence of its opposite that is  bad... so on so forth. 

If we assign some shape - square, circle etc ... it defies its own nature of being unlimited. 

Still the human mind tries to describe it with the properties which does not have opposites or opposites are inclusive of itself... like omnipresent, Non dual, unlimited, eternal... etc. It is our minds desperation to try to grasp it. 

We can not understand it, unless we understand that it can not be grasped by our mind.

The question arises then, if it is Nirgun Nirakar - non describe, then why do we talk about it, why do try to describe it. 

It is beyond mind.
We go through mind (Veda)
To reach it (Vedant)

The knowledge (mind) is the greatest obstacle to reach it. 
We use knowledge (mind) to dissolve the knowledge (obstacle mind) to reach it.
Like using thorn to remove thorn. 
When the troubling thorn (conditioning) is removed by other thorn(knowledge), both the thorns become useless.


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