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What is Sat-Chit-Anand ? - Nirgun Geeta

Sat - means truth. In day to day language, we use this word to indicate the truth of the thing for that instance of time, or for limited time. But in spirituality the thing which is true in day to day life may not be true. In spirituality - The thing which is same devoid of time and place is truth.  Therefore, by the definition of spirituality, everything with form is not truth. But the principle out of which these things with forms appears is changeless and it is truth.  That principle which is truth is Nirgun - Nirakar, it is changeless because it doesn't have any property (gun) any shape (Akar) to change. The single principle, non dual principle out of which this word appears and at the end disappears in it is sat, is truth. Chit - means consciousness. Out of thousands of sound we can listen particular sound because of consciousness about that sound at that time. Out of thousands of objects we can see the particular object because of consciousness ab

What is Nirgun Nirakar? - Nirgun Geeta - 1

Meaning of Nirgun is propertyless, with no property, with no nature, neither white nor black, neither sweet nor bitter, neither happy nor sad.....  And the meaning of Nirakar is shapeless, the one with no shape, neither circular nor square... neither triangular nor pentagonal.... The one who is responsible for us to exist, call it God, call it Energy, call it nature, ... call it consciousness ... whatever we call it, it is Nirgun, propertyless, it is Nirakar or shapeless. It is not our incapability to sense its property or  shape.  But it is its beauty that it is property less and shapeless. The moment we try to assign some property or shape to it. It defies its own nature of being one, being omnipresent, being infinite, being limitless, being eternal, being whole.  To give an example, if we say it is white, it indicates the existence of its opposite, that is black. If we say it is good, it indicates the existence of its opposite that is  bad... so on so